Word Origin late Center English: from Outdated French, or from Latin lotio(n-), from lot- ‘washed’, from the verb lavare. Walmart job applications are accepted in each English and Spanish. Phrase Origin Center English (as a noun): from Outdated French demande (noun), demander (verb), from Latin demandare ‘hand over, entrust’ (in medieval Latin ‘demand’), from de- ‘formally’ + mandare ‘to order’.

Tips for Writing a Job Application Letter A job application letter, often known as a cover letter, ought to be despatched or uploaded along with your resume when making use of for jobs. VERB noun She had requested that the door to her room be left open. Phrase Origin Center English: from Anglo-Norman French siwte, from a female previous participle of a Romance verb based mostly on Latin sequi ‘observe’.

Phrase Origin Middle English (within the sense ‘preparation for embalming, fragrant resinous substance’): from Outdated French basme, from Latin balsamum (see balsam). Phrase Origin late Middle English: from Latin unguentum, from unguere ‘anoint’. Word Origin late Center English: through Previous French from Latin praeparatio(n-), from praeparare ‘make ready before’ (see put together).

Phrase Origin mid sixteenth century (in prosecution (sense 2)): from Outdated French, or from late Latin prosecutio(n-), from prosequi ‘pursue, accompany’ (see prosecute). Software program is a generic time period used to describe pc applications that run on PCs, cell phones, tablets, or other good devices. Phrase Origin late Center English (as a noun in the sense ‘request, demand’): from Old French, or from Latin requisitio(n-), from requirere ‘search for’ (see require).

Prime synonym for job application (another phrase for job application) is labour demand. Mobile applications may be categorised by numerous strategies. Phrase Origin late Center English: from medieval Latin embrocatio(n-), from the verb embrocare, based on Greek embrokhē ‘lotion’. Software contains all different software programs on a pc, akin to applications and the operating system.

You created the consumer identify and password on the time you originally started your Walmart application. Word Origin Middle English: alteration of Previous French oignement, from a well-liked Latin type of Latin unguentum (see unguent); influenced by out of date oint ‘anoint’ (from Old French, past participle of oindre ‘anoint’). Study extra about making use of to UC Davis and the application course of for our undergraduate, graduate and skilled programs.

Software program definition, the applications used to direct the operation of a pc, as well as documentation giving directions on find out how to use them. Lotion definition, a liquid, often aqueous or typically alcoholic preparation containing insoluble material within the form of a suspension or emulsion, supposed for external application with out rubbing, in such pores and skin circumstances as itching, an infection, allergy, pain, or the like.