Phrase Origin late Middle English: from late Latin linimentum, from Latin linire ‘to smear’. 5 For instance, concepts resembling application programming interface (API), application server , application virtualization , application lifecycle administration and portable application apply to all laptop packages alike, not simply application software.

The next packages have open application processes with particular deadlines for eligibility and consideration. Word Origin Center English: from Outdated French, from Latin patientia, from affected person- ‘suffering’, from the verb pati. USE THIS APPLICATION TO: Apply for an unique Social Safety card Apply for a substitute Social Security card Change or right info in your Social Security number file IMPORTANT: You MUST present a properly completed application and the required proof earlier than we are able to course of your application.

Apply for a US Passport – All information on necessities for U.S. passport applications is discovered at the U.S. Division of State web site, including requirements for first time applicants, find out how to renew your passport and what the present charges and procedures are. Solicit definition, to hunt for (one thing) by entreaty, earnest or respectful request, formal application, and so forth.: He solicited help from the minister.

Suggestions for Writing a Job Application Letter A job application letter, also referred to as a canopy letter, should be sent or uploaded together with your resume when applying for jobs. VERB noun She had requested that the door to her room be left open. Phrase Origin Center English: from Anglo-Norman French siwte, from a feminine previous participle of a Romance verb based mostly on Latin sequi ‘comply with’.

Praxis definition: 1. the method of using a theory or something that you’ve learned in a sensible manner: 2. the…. Phrase Origin Middle English: from Previous French, from Latin perseverantia, from perseverant- ‘abiding by strictly’, from the verb perseverare (see persevere). A cell application, additionally known as a cell app or just an app, is a computer program or software application designed to run on a cell system such as a phone, tablet, or watch.

Application Bot removes the necessity for exterior application software program corresponding to Google Types by bringing the applications right into your Discord server. Application software program may also be seen as being either horizontal or vertical 10 eleven Horizontal applications are extra standard and widespread, as a result of they’re general goal, for example phrase processors or databases.

The phrase “application” used as an adjective just isn’t restricted to the “of or pertaining to application software” which means. Phrase Origin late Middle English: from Latin dedicatio(n-), from dedicare ‘dedicate, consecrate’ (see dedicate). English Language Learners Definition of unguent. Request definition: 1. the act of politely or formally asking for something: 2. a song or something related that….