Phrase Origin mid sixteenth century (in prosecution (sense 2)): from Outdated French, or from late Latin prosecutio(n-), from prosequi ‘pursue, accompany’ (see prosecute). Software program is a generic term used to describe pc packages that run on PCs, mobile phones, tablets, or other good gadgets. Phrase Origin late Middle English (as a noun within the sense ‘request, demand’): from Outdated French, or from Latin requisitio(n-), from requirere ‘seek for’ (see require).

Reverse of hardware, which describes the bodily points of a computer, software is a generic time period used to consult with applications, scripts and packages that run on a tool. Inquiry definition: 1. (the method of asking) a query: 2. an official process to discover the info about…. Asking, request – the verbal act of requesting. The noun praxis comes from the Latin and Greek phrases of the identical spelling, based on the Greek phrase prattein, which implies to do. Praxis is an established customized and apply.

Phrase Origin late Middle English (in business (sense 2)): from French industrie or Latin industria ‘diligence’. Application software program (app for brief) is a program or group of applications designed for finish-users. Praxis definition, follow, as distinguished from principle; application or use, as of data or skills. Word Origin late Middle English: through Outdated French from Latin applicatio(n-), from the verb applicare (see apply).

Apply for a US Passport – All info on requirements for U.S. passport applications is found on the U.S. Division of State web site, including necessities for first time candidates, find out how to renew your passport and what the present charges and procedures are. Solicit definition, to hunt for (one thing) by entreaty, earnest or respectful request, formal application, and so on.: He solicited aid from the minister.

Prime synonym for job application (another phrase for job application) is labour demand. Cell applications could also be categorized by quite a few strategies. Word Origin late Middle English: from medieval Latin embrocatio(n-), from the verb embrocare, primarily based on Greek embrokhē ‘lotion’. Software program contains all different software program applications on a pc, corresponding to applications and the working system.

The word “application” used as an adjective just isn’t restricted to the “of or pertaining to application software program” meaning. Word Origin late Middle English: from Latin dedicatio(n-), from dedicare ‘devote, consecrate’ (see dedicate). English Language Learners Definition of unguent. Request definition: 1. the act of politely or officially asking for one thing: 2. a track or something related that….

To study extra concerning the knowledge collection and use practices by these search companions, please go to our Third Parties page. Diligence definition is – steady, earnest, and energetic effort : devoted and painstaking work and application to perform an enterprise : assiduity. See the complete definition for unguent in the English Language Learners Dictionary.